BREWSTER’S MILLIONS (1985) – US one sheet poster

An American excess story.
Yesterday he was a relief pitcher in the minor leagues of life. Today he’s been handed the American Dream… on a very hot plate.
He has 30 million to spend in 30 days – and he’s doing it in the craziest, funniest way ever!
This is the story of Montgomery Brewster, a relief pitcher in the Minor Leagues of life, who is about to be handed the American Dream… on a very hot plate.
One man is about to make the biggest decision that will change the course of his life… financially and mentally.
From the people that brought you “The Warrriors”, “48 Hrs.”, and “Streets of Fire” comes a film about one man’s chance to be rich… with a catch.
Spend $30 Million in the next 30 days without acquiring any assets in order to collect an inheritance of $300 Million. Sounds easy? Well, you’ll soon find out.
You don’t have to be crazy to blow 30 million dollars in 30 days. But it helps.
Your Basic Riches-To-Rags Comedy