FRIDAY FOSTER (1975) – US one sheet poster folded + linen back

Thank God – It’s Friday! She’s out to score for more of what you love her for!
She’s a fascinatin’ assassinatin’ high-livin’, fun-lovin’ chick!
. . . and the company she’s keepin’ is mighty heavy!
Wham! Bam! Here comes Pam!
her name is friday, but you can dig her any day of the week
COLT HAWKINS – Friday’s main man and personal private eye.
BLAKE TARR – A billionaire with a brain. Friday couldn’t resist him.
MADAME RENA – Tried to warn Friday and got a knife in the back.
FANCY – Took a fancy to Friday but his hustle had no muscle!
FORD MALOTTE – is yen was for men – not for Friday Foster!