THE INCIDENT (1967) – US half sheet poster

At 1:25 A.M. Alice Keenan asked Tony Goya to make love to her. That was 37 minutes before The Incident. At 1:33 A.M. Mrs. Purvis accused her husband of being less than a man. That was 29 minutes before The Incident.
At 1:39 A.M. Kenneth Otis tried to make a pick-up for the evening. That was 23 minutes before The Incident. At 1:47 A.M. Arnold told his wife he would get the next white man who insulted him. That was 15 minutes before The Incident.
At 1:55 A.M. Joe Ferrone and Artie Connors went looking for kicks. They found it 7 minutes later in The Incident.
A Bold, Gritty, Terrifying Story Of Inner-City Terror
12 People! A Night of Terror!
Never before such a devastating climax in a film!
As Shocking As Anything Let Loose On The Screen!
Maybe you can take care of us, lady – and maybe we can take care of you too!

The next white man who insults me gets a one-way ticket to the graveyard!

How is she in the clutch? Since you’re nuzzling her on the subway, I figure anything can happen!

A ride with terror!